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APRIL 2011

Dear Friends & Colleagues of the Admiral Carey Foundation and the Washington Scholars Fellowship Programs:

I want to compliment and congratulate Sisu Pan of the Washington Scholars Spring Class - 2011, on being selected as the Editor for this new newsletter which will bring focus on the Admiral Carey Foundation's support and sponsorship of the International Distinguished Scholars program and the Washington Scholars Fellowship Programs. read newsletter 

OSMTH contributes to Global Drug Policy Development at the United Nations

(28 MARCH 2011)

OSMTH participated at the 54th session of the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) in Vienna, Austria, from 21-25 March 2011. The CND represents the global parliament for drug policy. Read More

Fight Human Trafficking - Panel Discussion at Chicago-Kent College of Law

(23 March 2011)

The attached article is based on notes from a Seminar hosted at Kent College of Law in Chicago, USA. Many former OSMTH Delegates to the UN attended including Princess Renate, our Grand Master, BG Patrick Rea, Carol & Randy Tietz, Dr. Jean Ford, and the author of these fine notes, Chevse. Roxane Tyssen. 

The topic was about the state of the sex trafficking industry in Cook County, Illinois. Each year approximately 6,000 children are trafficked in the sex industry in Cook County alone; this includes both boys and girls although girls and young women make up the majority. 

The theme ties-in well with OSMTHs recent affiliation with UN.GIFT, and the topic itself will be further explored with the visit and presentation by two UN Officers at the forthcoming GMC in Mechelen.

Admiral Carey Foundation USA-China Partnership Press Conference in China


20110319_carey_pressc_webOn March 19, 2011 in Beijing, China, the Admiral Carey Foundation held a "Joint Press Conference" with our Youth Training Partners in China, the United Nations UNESCO World Heritage Youth Training Center and the Chinese Society of Education Training Center. We're forwarding a short recap of this event below our signature line so you can see the high level of Chinese Officials in attendance and speaking. We were also pleased to arrange for the Mothers of our two Distinguished Scholars of China Fellows in this summer's Washington Scholars Class to attend and be recognized for the selection of their son/daughter in the highly competitive selection process that took place during the United Nations Youth Assembly at the U.N. Headquarters in New York City this past January.

Several of these Senior Chinese Officials spoke at this gathering, announcing the implementation of this new USA-China Youth Leadership Training Partnership that is involving the best and brightest students in America and China, wherein the Chinese students will be coming to Washington, DC to be a part of the Washington Scholars, and the USA Admiral Carey Foundation "Distinguished Scholars of America" will be going to Beijing, China for their fellowships. While I could not personally travel to Beijing for this event, given the expense and time involved, my photograph was in their official program for the event and they read a prepared statement from me outlining my vision for this new program and my great hopes for the friendships and networks that I expect to result among the future leaders of China and the future leaders of the USA. 

Speaking of my vision for this program, and less some of my military and veterans colleagues think I've finally slipped over the edge and Obama has pushed me into Socialism and Communism---- that is NOT the case. During my tenure at the Federal Maritime Commission, I DID have occasion over the years to deal with almost every other nation in the world, particularly when I was Chairman, and that included China, and I found them to be very deliberate and focused in their national goals and their own vision for the future of their nation. I also read the newspapers along with the rest of you, and it's easy to see that China is aggressively on the move to world success and world leadership, they've very smartly bought up over a trillion dollars of our nation's stupid deficit spending debts, their economy is growing at twice the rate of our own, they represent the largest number of foreign students in American Universities, they are now the 2nd largest economy in the world and racing to outpace the USA as #1, and they ARE going to cut a wide swath in the world we both occupy in this, the 21st Century. 

So my Wisconsin Farm Boy common sense clicks in and says "these are people I want to know and I want them to know me", or more importantly, "THESE are people whose future national leaders I want my country's future national leaders to know", and not just know, but KNOW firsthand, have formed friendships with, had a beer with, socialized with, attended events together, formed networks together, etc., etc., so that at some distant time when I'm long gone from Planet Earth, these future leaders in China can pick up the phone [cell phone, that is] and call or e-mail or Twitter or "whatever's next" and talk to each other as friends and fellow former scholars and say "Hey, what's going on over there--- should we talk" rather than China misunderstanding what the USA is doing or the USA misunderstanding what China is doing, and wrong decisions or worse, wrong actions cause harm to both our nations. 

That's what this new Admiral Carey Foundation partnership is all about between the USA and China---- to make sure the future national leaders of both our countries have met each other and become friends and like and know each other and trust each other and can go to each other in the future and say "lets work together on this?". So I've not gone Socialist or Communist or radical and remain as much free market and entrepreneurial and free trade as I've always been, and I AM going to make this work. I'll let you know in 10 years how it all turned out, but for those of you who know me, you know that I do NOT take on projects that I don't expect to win! So for now, just watch from afar because I expect to "blow your socks off" with this program. And if this is something you'd like to work on with me, send me an email

Bishop Younan speaks at Muslim-Christian Conference on Non-violence


20110212_younan“For me, non-violent struggle is an integral part of spirituality that teaches us to see the image of God in the other. This non-violent way is the only way for justice, peace, reconciliation, forgiveness, and acceptance of the other.”

These were the words of Bishop Munib Younan as he spoke at the opening session of the Third International Conference on Christian-Muslim Relations, hosted by the Bethlehem University Religious Studies Department. The subject of this year’s conference was “Violence, Non-Violence and Religion” and was held from the 9-11 February 2011.

Also invited to speak at the opening session were Br. Peter Bray, Vice-Chancellor of Bethlehem University; H.B. Msgr. Fuad Twal, Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem; H.E. Dr. Manmoud El-Habash, Minister of Religious Affairs, Palestinian Authority; and Fr. Jamal Khader, Chairperson of the Department of Religious Studies, Bethlehem University.

The three-day conference brought both local and international speakers together to discuss the topic on historical and present levels.

An Old Region in Grand Priory of Bulgaria and the Priory of Romania

(17 JANUARY 2011)

OVIDIU PANEA KNIGHT COMMANDER IN THE PRIORY OF ROMANIA, GP ITALYDear Brothers and Sisters,Sometimes we are so acquainted with the reality around us, we stop seeing its beauties laying there for thousands and thousands of years. The following article is about one of the oldest region of Europe, covering the territories of the Grand Priory of Bulgaria and the Priory of Romania. Old links from a very old culture.

Managing Resources to give Peace and Humankind a chance


This document was a joint written statement submitted by NGOs in general consultative status:

  • International Alliance of Women (IAW)
  • International Council of Jewish Women (ICJW) and NGOs in special consultative status
  • Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem (OSMTH)
  • Inter-African Committee on Traditional Practices Affecting the Health of Women and Children (IAC)
  • Worldwide Organization for Women (WOW)Once again OSMTH was represented by Delegation Head, Dr. Chev. Marcel De Picciotto (Deputy Grand Commander and Grand Prior of France). 

The points being raised in the statement concern the importance of sustainable resource management and their link to lasting and equally sustainable peace, which underpins the United Nations Millenium Goals, and also ties in with OSMTH's Vision - as expressed on the Brussels Declaration - and the Order's new "Mission Statement".

Bishop Younan Releases Statement Denouncing Violence Against Coptic Christians in Egypt

3 JANUARY 2011

It was with profound shock that we received the news of the devastating New Year attack on Coptic Christians while at worship in Alexandria, Egypt. In my Christmas Eve sermon, I addressed our concern for the growing tensions for Christians throughout the Middle East. The memory of the killing of six Coptic Christians in Nag Hammadi at last year’s Christmas Eve Mass is still fresh, and increasing threats and incidents of violence have continued over the last months. Read complete statement


Subject: OSMTH Spring Meetings 2011 in Belgium - April 28 to May 1, 2011 

Dear Grand Priors and Magisterial Officers, 

The Knights and Dames of the Priory of Belgium are looking forward to welcoming you to Mechelen, close to Brussels, for the OSMTH Spring Meetings 2011 from Thursday, April 28 to Sunday, May 1, 2011. 

To assist our Priory and our Commanderies in planning this upcoming Convent, we would appreciate your returning of your Registration Form promptly, by e-mail or by mail. 

Complete details in the Carpe Diem Winter 2010


A joint Christmas Service (Bethlehem and National Cathedral) was simulcast from the Washington D.C. National Cathedral’s website. There was a small cadre of Knights (Grand Priory USA) who were actually in attendance at the service while a number of other Knights were able to view it live on the internet. It was a tremendous blessing to be able to unite people in the United States with our brothers and sisters in the Holy Land and celebrate the birth of our Savior together.
OSMTH’s raison d’etre is expressed through the Brussels Declaration: “Aiding humanity on the pilgrimage through life.”
Vision and Commitment
  • Christian Ethos, Spirituality and Chivalric Values.
  • Domestic Charity and International Humanitarian Aid
  • Human Rights and the respect for Human Diversity
  • Interfaith Dialogue and Bridge-Building
  • Provide humanitarian aid to Christians and all peoples in need around the world, through physical, financial, and moral support.
  • Continue programmes that aid Christians around the world, especially in the Holy Land.
  • Promote a dialogue based on the principles of peace and justice amongst and between the faiths of the Sons of Abraham and the other great religions of the world, to establish better understanding and greater tolerance.
  • Mitigate human suffering by actively participating in activities associated with disaster relief, humanitarian aid, human rights, peace building and sustainable development, and the respect of human diversity.
  • Facilitate, mediate and advocate conflict-prevention and resolution by providing subject matter experts and supporting organizations in the fields of religious and international diplomacy.
"Non nobis, Domine, non nobis,
sed nomini Tuo da gloriam..."
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